Once in a Blue Moon.


After dinner on Wallace Island the warm day was turning into a warm night and the sun was getting ready to head around and brighten someone else’s day. Nik and I decided to take advantage of the calm seas and row out of Conover Cove to take a gander at the surrounding environs all cloaked in warmth. We sat for a while on toasty sandstone and then rowed further through the glassy stillness to better hear the traditional flute music being played by a First Nations pair in a canoe far out in the distance.

Oh romance. I like you.

It was an evening of sweet pine scents from the island and salty pungent sea. The enormous full ‘Blue Moon’ rose among the trees above us and illuminated the water swirling around our tiny boat.

Pure loveliness.

Then Nik leaned in and asked me to marry him.

I said yes. Of course, yes!

Nik and I have been together for over three years and have shared countless adventures. From off-roading in our trusty Montero around the West, to scuba diving off the shores of Malaysia, to backpacking around Thailand, to paddling around our home on the Russian River, we share a passion for exploration and fun. We already have a few new trips on the horizon and I look forward to infinite adventures as we navigate life together. We are both so excited for what the future holds.


I am so thankful for his love, trust, and encouragement. Hooray for romance!





Once in a Blue Moon something extraordinary happens.


The next day we contributed our own scribed driftwood to join the others and preserve the memory of our time on Wallace Island.






We thought this one was funny. The face is made from a crab claw.

…and that concluded our time on Wallace Island. We look forward to visiting again one day. It is a very special place.


Hey everybody, I have a fiance!



12 thoughts on “Once in a Blue Moon.

  1. You KNOW I had to go find the story! I can’t believe I missed this! What a wonderful way for it to happen too. I’m so happy for you guys. We were so happy to see you last night. Sorry we were tired…We need more time with you!!

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